Google Photos folder collects the stock wallpapers of all mobile phones in the market. -


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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Google Photos folder collects the stock wallpapers of all mobile phones in the market.

Even though I have an iPhone and work with other Apple products, I cannot deny my admiration for Android and its endless customization possibilities. While Android and iOS are two very mature and stable operating systems, we cannot deny that in terms of personalizing our mobile device, Android wins by a win.

Google Photos Folder

Because Android not only allows you to change your wallpaper but also make authentic works of art as long as you have patience and free time. Although it is accurate, and we cannot deny it, the vast majority of users are content to change the wallpaper to our terminal. And speaking of wallpapers, surely what we tell you next interests you and a lot.

A marvel. Thus we describe the following folder that has been shared recently in a thread of the famous "forum" of Reddit. It is a folder of Google Photos in which we can find all the wallpapers of stock of all the terminals of the market, even the most recent ones like the fabulous Samsung Galaxy S20.

We are honestly not going to tell you the total number of wallpapers that are available to us in this collection, because frankly there are hundreds and hundreds of images that are in the folder, so the choice is left to us. You have to find the one you like best, download it on your smartphone and set it as your wallpaper. Easy and simple.

On the other hand, if you like stock wallpapers, there is always the possibility of downloading some of the ones we leave below as GTA V, The Witcher series or the last Bird of Prey movie, starring Harley Quinn.

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