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Friday, January 17, 2020

Check Out Best Games on Android this week.

If you are looking for new apps and games to try this weekend, you have reached the right place.
Check Out Best Games on Android this week.
Check Out Best Games on Android this week.

Each week, we will select the three best new applications and the three latest games that are most entertaining or that we liked the most.

If you are looking for a light and free alternative to Gmail, FairEmail may be what you are looking for.

It is an open-source email manager, with a simple design that includes a dark theme, most tools that could be needed in an app of this type, and weighing only 12 MB.

After a long wait, the official GitHub app has reached Android. Although it is in the beta phase and does not yet include some functions - such as code visualization or editing - it is appreciated to have, finally, an official client of the most popular collaborative development platform.

One of the funniest racing games has come to Android. Table Top Racing: World Tour invites us to eight-player online races - also in local multiplayer mode with split or offline screen - in which we will get behind the wheel of 16 miniature cars.

You already have the perfect excuse not to iron yet all those clothes that you have piled up on a chair. Perfect Ironing is a curious and relaxing casual format game in which your mission is to iron different clothes until there is not a single wrinkle left.

Although we were able to try it in advance some time ago, it has not been until now when Typewise has finally reached Google Play.

It is a keyboard app that promises to reduce our mistakes when typing thanks to a new format based on hex keys. The app can be downloaded for free, although there is a paid version.

Another app that we could try more thoroughly, and that certainly deserves a place in this selection of best new Android apps, is MyWall. This wallpaper manager allows, among other things, to obtain statistics on the current wallpaper to generate themes based on the primary colors, blur the current background image, and share the created models.

We close this week's selection with a useful tool. Audio Manager allows you to manage the audio profiles of the device automatically, depending on each situation. Thus, for example, it is possible to configure different profiles for those times when we are at home, at work, or on the street. To do so, choose a location and associate it with each profile.

From the creators of the Rusty Lake series, The White Door comes to Android, a graphic adventure in which we incarnate Robert Hill, a patient of a mental health institute who has woken up suffering from severe amnesia. Your mission? Help you recover your memories.

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In this game, you control an armed war turtle to the teeth with weapons, turrets, and armor. The goal is to kill all the enemies that cross your path while exploring a full world.

To do this, you must look for clues and be guided by the evidence you find.

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to adopt new habits. And one of them can be managing your time in a better way.

Its creator ensures that the app does not require GPS and that the energy impact of the app is minimal.

If you ever need to copy text containing sensitive information on your mobile, you may find it useful to have a Private Clipboard handy. It is an application that does not require any permission once installed, and that offers a private clipboard for those data that you would prefer to keep safe.

And since we start trying to change habits, Chairless is an ingenious tool that lets us know when we have been sitting for a while, in addition to displaying statistics in the form of graphs that represent the parts of the day in which we do less activity.

The safest prison in the country is under attack, and you must deal with the problem. This action title of retro graphics with pixel-art style puts us in the shoes of Jake, an ex-military member of the Hot Guns team, whose only mission is to return tranquility to jail.

Imagine a game of PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds in which you cannot get out of the car. That is what Steel Rage offers, an action shooter in which you will face other players from all over the world in battles where only one winner can remain.

If you are good at the strategy, you should try Vodobanka. In this title, you will control a special operations team that will face various missions. The game has a price of 1.89 euros, but before buying it, we recommend you take a look at its free version.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to start writing your journal, I'm afraid that Mary is one of the best applications you can use.

The app can be downloaded for free, although it has a premium subscription service that allows you to unlock various options, including synchronization of journal entries in the cloud, a night mode, advanced search between entries, the ability to format the text and more. This plan has a price of 2.19 euros per month, 20.99 euros per month, or 32.99 euros for lifetime access to all the features of the app.

Material Mountains is a great wallpaper application that allows you to generate minimalist wallpapers with Material Design design of mountains, based on images and vectors. The generated images are of high quality, and it is possible to choose different colors. Also, since it is an animated wallpaper, it is possible to make the images change frequently.

Since Android does not have it is integrated clipboard powerful enough, several developers have tried to find an alternative way to offer this useful feature.

It is the case of Typesafe, a new app that allows you to save everything that is written and copied, and even allows you to share the stored texts with other devices through QR codes.

"Grandma's favorite winter album, full of memories, broke into pieces, and only you, her grandchildren, can help her re-assemble the pieces."

It is the description with which its creators define My Winter Album, an emotional story based on puzzles that have just arrived on Google Play, and that promises to become one of the best titles of this final stretch of the year.

The second game this week is Snowman Story, an adventure game in which we put ourselves in the skin? Of a snowman, whose mission is to take the road to paradise. The path that, by the way, will be full of other melted companions, who have not been able to overcome obstacles in the form of puzzles.

Two of our best discoveries of the year regarding Android apps have been two-note applications. However, there is always room for one more, especially if it is as promising as Press.

It is a writing application with support for Markdown, with which to write and format our texts, and then export them.

The app is open-source and is currently in beta. Its developer encourages us to stay tuned to the GitHub repository of the project to be aware of the progress.

Probably, Barkio is one of the best applications for all those people who have a dog as a pet. It is a tool that allows you to transform any Android device into an activity monitor, with which to know at all times what our furry partner is doing while we are away from home.

Among its functions, the app allows us to notify each strange noise that happens at home, in addition to allowing us to see in real-time what our pet does at all times, and even interact with it using our voice.

Another app in the testing phase new to Google Play is Bloom. It is a lifestyle application that promises to help us sleep better and reduce our stress levels through guided meditation exercises.

The application can be downloaded for free, although it has payment elements ranging from 10.99 to 64.99 euros.

One of the latest mobile titles from Square Enix, the developer behind games like the Final Fantasy series, is THE LAST REMNANT Remastered. The remastered edition of this role title initially released in 2008 now lands on Android, to move us into a fictional world divided into different cities, in which we play the young Rush Sykes, and accompany him on the difficult mission of recovering his sister.

Adventure and puzzle game lovers will be glad to know that Very Little Nightmares is now available on Android. In this title, we must help the girl with a yellow raincoat to survive in a house full of dangers and get away by overcoming the different challenges that will appear along the way.

We conclude with a free game of retro aesthetics, but that goes back to the year 2077, in which the reinforcements of the Alliance are attacking the last border island of Nubira, our planet, and the mission is to end them before they can decimate the defenses.

It is a space shooter in which we can choose between different ships armed with weapons of all kinds.

A fantastic tool that has landed this week on Google Play is Microsoft Math Solver. It is a useful application that merely allows solving complex mathematical operations, either by capturing them with the mobile screen or by writing them on the screen.

Also, unlike other apps of this type, the Microsoft tool offers guides to solve problems, online resources with which to learn more about it, and much more. All this, for free.

The classic trick of creating nameless contacts to be able to talk to them on WhatsApp has gone out of style. Quick Chat for WhatsApp is an alternative to this process that most of us have ever done, and that allows us to chat through WhatsApp with other contacts, without having to keep their number stored in the phonebook.

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