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Sunday, December 1, 2019

How to use your mobile as an electronic ID reader?

Making procedures related to public administrations is much more convenient and straightforward since the launch of the electronic ID in 2006. Thanks to the chip that incorporates the card, which you can request at any issuing office of the DNI, you can identify yourself in the electronic headquarters of the agencies public using your PIN.

How to use your mobile as an electronic ID reader?

How to use your mobile as an electronic ID reader?

Everything improved in 2015 with the arrival of the DNI 3.0, a document that you can read directly from your mobile, without the need of a USB reader. The process can be somewhat cumbersome, so we will explain how you can use your mobile as a reader of DNI 3.0.

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Differences between electronic ID and ID 3.0
Before getting fully into the process, let's talk about the critical differences between the previous electronic ID and the current ID 3.0, which you will already have if you have renewed the document from 2015 onwards. As the website of the National Police Corps explains, technological changes in society require the constant updating of the DNI.

And yes, some modifications were necessary to facilitate the use of the system, in addition to improving its security. That is how the DNI 3.0 arrived, which incorporates a chip with a dual interface that allows you to use it not only through hardware, but also wirelessly with NFC technology, which you should demand yes or yes on your smartphone.

In this way, the user avoids having to have a hardware device, such as a USB reader, as well as downloading certificates or installing drivers on their computer. In short, using the 3.0 ID is much more convenient, since you only need your ID, your mobile and your computer.

How to read your electronic ID (DNI 3.0) with your mobile
To use your mobile as a DNI 3.0 reader, the first thing you should do is confirm that it has NFC technology. 

After that step, you must download the "DNIe Reader for PC, using your mobile phone" app and the DNIeRemote program on your computer. Next, you have the download links for both.

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